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Low Carb Nutrition Diploma Course starts on April 6, 2020
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Actionable Training

Experience is the best teacher. Course is designed by Low-carb professionals with practical experience of consulting on Low Carb.

Premium Material

Comprehensive course content from professionals of the industry with quality content & reference material at every step.

Legally Tenable

Diploma & Certificate legally tenable in India. From NAAC "A" grade autonomous institute with CPE status from UGC, New Delhi.

Courses On Offer

Three month Certificate course and Six month Diploma course in Low Carb Nutrition. Certificate from a NAAC A+ accredited autonomous institute in India. Currently in English medium only. Regional languages coming soon!

To Be Announced

Low Carb Nutrition & Metabolism Diploma

Low Carb Nutrition – 6 Months Diploma. Prerequisites: Graduate, nutritionist, dietitian, or doctor. Min time for completion: Six months. Max time for completion: 12 months. Includes one month internship on dLife.in community.

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Low Carb Nutrition Certificate Course

Low Carb Nutrition – 3 Months Certificate course. Prerequisites: 10+2 as minimum requirement. Minimum time for completion: Three months. Maximum time for completion: Six months. No internship is included in this course.

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Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Course content designed by nutrition & healthcare experts and professionals who have delivered more than 200 Indian success stories on dLife.in community. Six month diploma includes one month internship on the community.

Mishal - Low Carb Sports Nutritionist

Build your skills to step into Indian Low-carb nutrition world as someone who understands it the way it suits the Indian way of cooking.

When certification is from a NAAC “A” accredited autonomous institution in India, you can be sure that quality & content would never take a back seat.

Course content has been designed by Nutritionists and doctors who live by LCHF Keto diet. They have actively supported it on dLife.in community that has resulted in 200+ Indian success stories of improving diabetes, weight loss, PCOS, and NAFLD numbers.

The six month Low Carb Nutrition diploma includes one month internship dealing with practical nuances of LCHF and Keto world. Only we can offer this as we have a lively community of Indian diabetics, weight loss and PCOS success stories.

Our Success Stories Drive The Course Content

Few of our 200+ Low Carb success stories here!

Close to 18 yrs Type2 diabetes history, on 75u/day insulin, cardace, gliptin, ramipril and sulphonylureas. Fatty liver, early signs of CKD. A1C down from 9.3 to 6.7 on metformin alone and all insulin/drugs eliminated. Weight loss 20+ kg. On Indian low-carb keto diet since Feb 2018.
64 yrs of age and ex pharma professional. 25 years diabetes history, strict vegetarian. Eliminated pioglitazone and glimepiride doses completely. Maintaining A1C of 5.6 max., consistently, on metformin. On Indian low-carb LCHF diet since 2015.
Type 1 diabetic since the age of 11 months. Switched to Indian low-carb diet in 2014. A1C never exceeded 5.6 after that. In 2018, her A1C has consistently hit 5.0. Her mother, Dr Sarala Chauhan, support low-carb for all diabetics.
Anita Singh was admitted to emergency room with blood sugar of 600+. Extremely obese at 118 kg. Switched to Indian low-carb LCHF diet in 2015 and hit lowest A1C of 4.8 on metformin alone. Uptodate weight loss 40 kg. Type 2 diabetic since 2014.
Santosh, as an ISKON follower, is stricter form of vegetarian. Type 2 diabetics since 2017. Switched to Indian LCHF diet and A1C dropped from 7.1 to latest reported value of 5.4 On metformin and no other anti hyperglycemic drug.
Kalyani is Type 2 diabetic since 2001. Was on the verge of being put on DPP4i drugs as A1C had climbed to 9.0 in 2016. Switched to Indian low-carb LCHF diet in 2016, reduced metformin dose and clocked A1C of 5.8

Certification From NAAC "A" Accredited Autonomous Institute!

Both the 3 month Certificate and 6 month Diploma in Low Carb Nutrition is from NAAC "A" Accredited Autonomous Institute in India with CPE Status from UGC, New Delhi. Hence, certificates have full legal tenability in India.

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